3 Traits to Ditch If You Want to Save Money

The truth is that most people ultimately want to save money. Whether you have low-level income or you live comfortably, the desire is still there. Call it an itch if you will. Deep down, I really believe that everyone has this want. Maybe it has not shown itself yet, but trust me, it’s there. And just when you least expect it – BAM – you suddenly feel like you should not have to pay full price. Maybe it’s that $20 bottle of shampoo that you purchase from your salon or the new dishwasher that you’ve been eyeing for years. The fact of the matter is that you make a conscious decision to want to pay less. Well, kudos to you! Get on with your bad (and thrifty) self!

The bottom line is that everyone has the potential to save money in life. But you cannot begin to do that until you ditch these 3 traits that could be holding you back:

1. Pride

Yes, you heard me right. Pride can be a wonderful life tool, as it stops you from lowering yourself to certain levels and from settling for something when you know you deserve more. It also helps you resist the urge to sell-out, which these days, is a rarity. However, if you want to be successful in saving money, then you need to tone your pride down. Now, I’m not saying to go forward in life, lacking pride and full of naivete. I just mean that sometimes, you need to swallow your pride for the sake of an incredible deal. Perhaps you really want a pair of these really expensive black leather boots, but the reality is facing you that you cannot afford them. So you do some research and find a stunningly similar pair at your local Target, or even worse, the dreaded Walmart. Maybe you shudder to think of having to tell someone where you got them, when they undoubtedly ask. This is where you need to lock your pride in the safe, where it will stay for rainy days. What’s wrong with buying those astonishingly less expensive boots at Walmart, throwing them on, heading out the door and replying, “Hell yeah. Walmart $18!” when asked about your exquisite new fashion statement? And the answer is: nothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

2. Impulsiveness

This one is über important if you stand any chance in saving money. How many times have you gone to a store only needing one item and have come home with twelve? BOGOs, clearance and sales, oh my! Your head starts spinning. We’ve all been there. If you’re not careful, in no time that $15 shirt can turn into 6 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 2 skirts and a pair of sneakers. And it’s not just in the clothing stores, but in grocery stores too. Wow, 10 Chobani yogurts for $10?! This is the critical point in your thinking process where you need to hit pause. Do you really need 10 yogurts? Would you have bought 10 yogurts if there was not a sale? If the answer is no, then you probably have no business buying them! In a chaotic, deceptive world (I’m actually an optimistic person, I swear!), you need to be practical. This becomes exponentially important if you’re married or have children. By eliminating impulsiveness from you repertoire, you will save money. At first, it won’t seem like much. A few bucks here, ten bucks there. But after a while, that definitely adds up! Who knows, maybe by doing this, you’ll even save enough money to buy those brand name black leather boots! After all, everyone deserves a splurge once in a while too.

3. Jealousy

Just when you’ve convinced yourself that you’re not a jealous person, there comes jealousy out of the shadows, rearing its evil head. Jealousy is so common these days, with sites like Facebook and Twitter allowing us to amplify the good parts of our lives, while negating the bad parts that we don’t want the world to see. The reality is that there are good and bad parts of everyone’s life, and we just need to learn to deal with them in the way that best suits us. Yes, everyone is going to get jealous of someone else at some point. Whether it’s because of their current life situation or because of how pretty you find them to be, the effect is always the same: it makes you feel inferior. The thing that we all need to remember is that we do it to ourselves. We are the cause of our own inferiority complex. Likewise, we are the only ones who can change it. I know, I know, you’re thinking enough with this holier-than-thou, inspirational, greeting card bull-crap. But I’m serious! If you can bring your jealousy down a few notches (easier said than done, I realize), then you will be well on your way to allowing yourself to reach your full money-saving potential! So the next time your best friend shows you his or her new purchase, instead of getting jealous because you can’t afford it, be happy because your friend can. This mindset will help you to permit yourself to look for deals and discounts, without feeling bad about yourself and jealous that your best friend was able to afford something that you can’t. Your friend will be happy and you will too!

Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net | Creator: Renjith Krishnan

Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net | Creator: Renjith Krishnan


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