Tools 101: What on Earth is This and What Does It Do?

Hi folks! I decided that, since a lot of my posts will be tutorials for various DIY projects, today I will give you an introduction to the basic (and preventative!) tools that you will need to make a whole bunch of thrifty things!

Here is a list that I’ve compiled of the most useful tools that you’ll need (some if it is very basic, but worth mentioning nonetheless):

Safety Gloves & Glasses


I am starting with these because they are preventative tools; and they are the most important tools you’ll need. The safety gloves provide basic protection for your hands, preventing cuts and splinters while you build or work with tools. The safety glasses, while also providing basic protection for your eyes, prevent debris and shards from causing eye damage or injury. Bottom line: if you want your eyes and fingers to remain intact so you can continue crafting and re-purposing to your heart’s content, then wear safety gloves and glasses.

Tape Measure


This tool is a basic one, and one you will most likely be using all the time if you’re as craft/DIY decor-obsessed as I! Tape measures come in all lengths, but for the needs of a basic household (and a typical crafter), a 10-foot tape measure should suffice. This tool ensures accuracy in measurements and, let’s face it, we all know how critical accuracy is when designing and building anything.


screwdriversThis tool comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, and with various tip sizes. Whether you need to tighten a doorknob, assemble some furniture (ahem, IKEA) or build a headboard, this necessity will always come in handy. If you have one, awesome. If you don’t, go get one. Here, I’ll wait…



A basic multi-tool is great for a variety of household jobs. Pictured above is a Leatherman multi-tool. This particular one includes: a serrated knife, a smooth edge knife, pliers, a mini saw, a file, a bottle opener, phillipshead- and flathead- screwdrivers, scissors and an eyeglass screwdriver. It is worth carrying one of these handy guys with you wherever you go. Heck, keep one in your purse or your car. You just never know when you’ll need it!

Drill & Drill Bits


A drill is a priceless investment. Pictured here is a battery-operated drill, but they also come as electric plug-ins, etc.. A drill has multiple uses. In addition to drilling in screws, the drill also acts as a screwdriver and an extractor, to name a couple. There are hundreds of attachments available to suit your crafting and building needs.


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